UPAA-USA Membership

“Without members, you’d have nothing. Your members are by far your greatest asset”

The UPAA-USA is making every effort to communicate and collaborate with all the graduated alumni of University of Peradeniya who are currently residing in the United States of America. The purpose of this attempt is to build a strong community to support our Mother Pera in time of need. At the same time, this will also create a platform to catch-up with your batchmates, share your experiences at Pera and have a wonderful time. We would like to warmly welcome new members to join our family and become a link in our strong chain of friendship. You can
sign up online from our google form for which the link is given below. The purpose of obtaining this information is to make sure that our members are subscribed to the newsletters, minutes, future events and thereby aware of the current progress of UPAA-USA. The membership will be FREE OF CHARGE!