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Udaya Silva
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Pera Needs

In consultation with Alumni Association of University of Peradeniya (AAUP), we have identified several areas where we can help the University as well as needy students. Some of these we take the ownership and contribute directly and other we collaborate with other Alumni Chapters in different parts of the world. Success depends on contributions from you. The contribution to these can be done during the September gathering or directly from UPAA-USA website. See below for more information how you could contribute. Note: All your contributions are tax deductible since we are IRS registered Non-Profit Organization. We will provide necessary documentation.

Emergency Needy Student Help: The students who are (were) receiving merit based Mahapola Scholarships are not receiving the scholarship money effectively now due to the prevailing situation in Sri Lanka. We propose providing Rs.3000/month per recipient for a pre-determined period until the situation gets better.

  • Academic Excellence Scholarships: One scholarship for each faculty from UPAA-USA for an outstanding student. The recipient to be selected from a faculty committee and winners to be announced at AAUP AGM.
  • Renovation of the Greenroom (the facility behind the stage used by the performers) of the Sarachchandra Open-air Theatre (Wala). Estimated Project cost: Rs.15 million
  • Installing WIFI At Residential Halls: This has been initiated at Akbar Hall with the support from overseas alumni, and the University is seeking support to expand to all the Halls.
  • Laundry Facilities in Residential Halls: Install washing machines in each Hall.
  • Any Other: We are looking for other suggestions from you. Please direct those to us via email: