History of UPAA-USA

The idea of organizing an alumni event followed by forming an alumni association in USA was seeded back in 2013 in Boston, Massachusetts under the leadership of Vincent Sandanayaka. A small group of Peradeniya University alumni living in Boston area created a database of alumni in USA, but the plan was not implemented till 2019 after a long pause. 

In April 2019, the initial plan was revived, and the first meeting was held in Northborough, MA. An organizing team was established for the first alumni get-together, which was named as “Hanthana Swapnaya” (Dreams from Hanthana Valley). Sixteen highly active and dedicated committee members, including alumni from Connecticut, New York, New Jersey, Ohio enthusiastically took responsibilities in various aspects of the get-together. Some decorations modules were created in Sri Lanka and were brought to Boston by the team. 

The Alumni event was held at the DoubleTree hotel in Westborough, MA on September 01st, 2019 with the participation of about 130 attendees of alumni across North America. The program consisted of variety of performances, including a piece of Maname drama, songs from Gandarva Sabha members, music, dances, etc. In that event, all alumni attended unanimously agreed to form the University of Peradeniya Alumni Association-USA (UPAA-USA). This event has created a path for all Peradeniya university alumni living in USA to meet and seek ways to contribute to our Alma Mater’s continued progress into the distant future.