The Peradeniya Wala (Amphitheater) Green Room Project

As we continue our efforts to support and enhance our university’s infrastructure, we are excited to announce a project led by Alumni Association of University of Peradeniya (AAUP); Renovation of the Greenroom of the Sarachchandra Open-Air Theater (Wala). This initiative aims to completely upgrade and renovate the dressing room used by the performers and artists who perform at the amphitheater. The “Wala” is the only theater of its kind in Sri Lanka and the estimated cost is Rs. 32 million (US $ 100k). It was built in the early 1950s to match the architectural style of ancient Greek theaters. 
To make this project a success, we are seeking your generous support in raising $5000 towards this project. Your contribution will play an instrumental role in transforming the green room into an inviting space that reflects our commitment to excellence.
We believe that by coming together as the Pera community, we can make a significant contribution to renovating the green room and making an impact on the development and growth of the University of Peradeniya. Your involvement in this endeavor is crucial in ensuring its success.
Please note that your financial contributions are tax-free and we welcome your active participation in this worthy cause by providing any amount of contribution through our website (use the Donate button). 
Thank you for your continued support of UPAA-USA and dedication to the University of Peradeniya.